Welcome to the Bright Side, an online guide to help you find peace and clarity in your needs, so  you can live your fullest life. I believe that looking inward can help the external chaos fade away. Together, we can discover our needs, and our truest selves. Whether you are into self care, success, achievement, or balance you will find it here. 

I believe that meeting our needs and wants through self care will help you to fall in love with your journey, desires and life. Some people believe that once they meet their goals or have success happiness will follow, but its never the black and white. I believe that being present to all your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual needs will allow you to enjoy each day and all the hiccups along the way. 

Through blog posts, emails, and free resources I help women transitioning from one new adventure to another rediscover their needs and purpose. Whether you have been into self care for years or just started, I am here to encourage you to act with intention and let your self care guide you path. 

The Bright Side is about discovering who you really are and embracing it. We all are trying to get to happiness, and we all will stumble and fall along the way. I hope you learn something about yourself by reading my blog - good, bad, and ugly. We are continuously learning and life is a continuous journey. We must make the choice to be on and see the bright side. 

Leave a comment, ask a question, talk to other Bright Siders and find friends just like you. Lets make life a little brighter. 

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