Speaking It Into Life: The First Step in Achieving Your Dreams

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Speak it into existence

Things have a way of coming true when we say it out loud. When we yell it from the roof tops and tell people, the universe, God, your best friend Lola, something happens. We are heard and everyone starts to work for us. I call this speaking it into life. You are bringing this thought, hope, dream in to existence. Taking it out of your head and planting it in this world. 

So, you have a hope, a dream, a desire for something! It’s exciting and scary and invigorating! You are a courageous human being for admitting that there is something greater you want out of life. I want you to get it all, and to experience the joy and satisfaction of success.   

A first small step is just breathing life into this idea, by saying it out loud. 

You are saying it for you. 

You speak it out loud. The universe hears you. But, you hear you too. It is an affirmation of your desire, your goals, your hope. The more you say this inkling of a desire the more you are affirming that inkling of a desire in to reality. It is no longer a fantasy in your head. It is an actionable possibility. It requires work and determination and you are going to put that into it. You will start creating this desire with your spoken word. It is like a small seed that must be nurtured with more words and actions, as it blossoms into a physical thing that is no longer a dream, or aspiration, but reality. 

Accountability from others. 

When you say it to others you have a form of accountability. You have people that will ask you how its going. This can seem daunting when we aren't sure if we can do it. But, this is good. It can help push you past your fears and encourage you to take the next necessary steps. Most of the time people aren't going to hound you, but have a genuine interest in seeing what you have accomplished. They don't mean to be a form of accountability, but turn into it. 

Often promises, dreams, whispers of intent to ourselves are easily pushed aside or forgotten. It is easier to sometimes bail on ourselves than others. For some of you, a whisper of intent to yourself is enough to catapult you into action, most of us need more accountability from the outside. So we must say it to others. Even if you just say it as your are interested in, wondering about, or have been thinking about it, that is a step forward. 

It is a means of networking. 

With others knowing it means that they will talk and think of you when you aren't around. Let’s say you need clients for a new tutoring business you are starting, when people know that you are starting a tutoring business you are the first thing that pops into their head when someone mentions tutoring. Not only will they think of you for themselves, but also for others. You will be getting your name out there; you just have to speak it into life. 

Encouragement from others. 

When you speak your dreams and aspirations to the right people you won't hear crickets chirping or 100 reasons why you shouldn't take the leap. You will hear encouragement and all the reasons why you should. People who love and care for you want to see you succeed. When you tell them what you want and that you plan on taking a leap to go after it, it is likely that they will share all the reasons that you should take the leap. They will tell your strengths and give you some advice because they don't want you to fail.

Remember, all the advice you hear may not be the exact words of encouragement that you need, but it usually comes from a place of good will, and not wanting to see you fail. Take the good encouragement to heart and the rest with a grain of salt.

You are saying it for others: Inspiration

When you tell others about a dream or desire that you are going to go after it usually makes others feel inclined to chase their own dreams and desires. You are inspiration for going after what you want. Spreading the knowledge that you can be happy and go after dreams is always inspiring. Having dreams and having courage to go after them is infectious. It makes people take a look at their lives and say what should I be more courageous about. You are an inspiration by just saying what you want.

Continue to go after your hopes, dreams, and desires. Continue to follow a path of joy. Speak it all in to life, nurture it, and it will grow. So, what will you be speaking into life? What seeds will you plant? 

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