4 Habits to Help You Consistently Bring Your "A Game" to Work: A guide to Creating Necessity

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We all need reasons to drive us to push forward. Those reasons create a necessity. A necessity to create a successful life, a necessity to produce great works at all cost. Necessity demand that you take action.   

Sometimes necessity is easy to come by and sometimes we have to create it in order to maintain our drive for fulfilling our goals and aspirations. My terms and ideas of raising necessity are based off of High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. If you want to learn more about the book, read my book review

Necessity is based off your identity

What Are Your Standards for Yourself? 

What drives you is closely related to what standards you set for yourself. When you have high standards for yourself you want to meet them. So, to be consistent with those standards it necessary to check in several times a day. Ask yourself if you are living up to those standards. 

Monitor Yourself 

Practice monitoring yourself. Journal nightly, asking yourself if you performed with excellence today? Did you live up to your own values and expectations? When you check in and realize that you are not meeting your expectations, acknowledge it and move on. Don’t spend time beating yourself up for not meeting standards. Instead use your energy to keep moving forward, figuring out ways to meet those standards. 

What Are You Obsessed With?

Necessity is based off of obsession. So, what are you obsessed with? What keeps your up late at night, or what do you work on for so long and forget to eat for? Those things are connected to you and drive you to continually work on them. That is the necessity that you want to have. 

Don’t let obsessions get out of control and unhealthy, but know that there is something good in obsessing. If you are at the beginning of a new goal or challenge, start slow. Obsessing can lead to burnout. Read Maintaining Momentum if you are just starting out on a new life goal. 

To Whom Do You Have a Sense of Duty?

Necessity if based off of sense of duty of others. The obligations that you have to keep to others will help continually drive you.  This includes social duty and purpose. When we know others are watching then we are more likely todo our best. 


Lastly, real deadlines with real positive and negative consequences make you dig deep for real necessity to finish and to finish strong. The deadlines we give ourselves always seem to be malleable, but the ones that are given to us and have negative and positives attached definitely drive up to show up. 

Who needs my A game

Your “A game” is brought when you giving your best with full focus on a singular task. To consistently do this you have to know who is needing your best performance. Take a moment and assess who needs it when overwhelm and stress start to take over. 

How do you feel you are bringing A game? That feeling is what you are going to be reaching for each day. Prepare for what throws you off your game. Know how to combat those stumbles. When you feel a sense of need to be your best for others your are more likely to show up to deliver. 

Speak your why Into Life

Something I really believe in, is speaking your why into life. There is a post, called Speaking It Into Life, that will explain in detail more about how to do it. The short version is that saying your goals, ambitions out loud will nurture them and help them grow. 

Talk to yourself about what you want to do, how you are going to get there and why you want it. Continually remind yourself of your why. It is important to know why you are working hard for something, and money isn’t usually enough to invest years of work and dedication to it. 

Affirm your beliefs and you will feel the effects of believing in what you do. You will notice yourself taking actions that align with your goals, without much thought. Speak it into life. 

Squad Goals

You have to surround yourself with people that you want to become. Spend more time with a positive tribe and you will feel the effects. You are like the 5 people you spend most of your time with. So, if you don’t like those 5 people and where they are going, upgrade your squad. 

Expand to more people who have greater expertise and success. You will learn from them, grow and challenge yourself to meet their standards and goals. They will inspire and educate you. You will have a group of people to ask for help and gain mentorship from. 

Here are some ideas to get around more successful people:

    1.    Add one awesome new friend. Then ask them to invite their other friends to hang out.  

    2.    Volunteer. It will gives you perspective on your situation and you will meet educated driven people. 

    3.    Seek mentorship. 

    4.    Look around and network at work.

Getting that extra nudge to do better, push further, or dream bigger doesn’t happen over night. You have to take action in order to see a change and a boost in necessity to create success. Know that as you work toward solidifying your drive into a habit you will grow your work ethic skills and productivity. 

Tell me about what drives you to keep going in the comments below.