4 Habits you Need to Increase your Energy

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Are you always tired and have no motivation? Increase our energy levels can sometimes seem like a gamble when you have a busy life. You don't want to let go of small comforts that help you get through the day.  But, we all need energy in order to be productive. If you are experiencing a huge energy drain, think about taking a couple of weeks to reorganize your life and start some of these habits. 

Being full of energy is possible, but you will have to help yourself create it, nurture it, and protect it. 

Sidenote: Some of these exercises came from High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. I have written a book review, here, if you would like to read more on the book. 

Stress is the ultimate energy killer

Chronic stress does no one good. Stress effects the body in many ways including headaches, chest pain, fatigue, stomach aches and sleep problems. It can effect your mood so that you are more anxious, restless, or have a lack of motivation or focus. To learn more about stress symptoms visit the Mayo Clinic

Chronic stress sucks our bodies and minds of energy. Making us less productive and more moody. In order to put a stop to the energy zapper, stress, you have to start doing things that minimize stress and give you energy. 

Release Tension 

In order to to get rid of stress and anxiety that can come from any task, this exercise will help you release tension and prepare for your next task or activity. This not only helps minimize your stress and increase your focus, but also over all productivity. 

Every time you transition from task to task you will do this exercise. Transitions include, having breakfast, to driving to work, getting your cup of coffee, to responding to emails, going to meetings, coming home, playing with your children, and the list goes on. 

Transitions are changing from one activity to another. This is where you lose energy. This exercise is to help not carry so much negative energy/ stress over to the next activity.  

Meditation practice:

    1.    Close eyes 

    2.    Say release repeatedly for 1 minute, or 5 minutes. (Do it for as long is necessary to actually feel some release of tension.)

    3.    Set your intention for the next activity. That may be energy, excitement, how you will make others feel, or to serve with excellence.

This exercise helps me focus on the next task, while leaving the unfinished or negative feelings behind. You won’t be able to release all your tension or stress each time you do the exercise but you will release some which helps with focus on productivity. 

Bring the Joy 

Don’t people who are joyful seem to have so much more energy. Well thats because studies have shown correlations to just that. People with a positive well-being are more likely to eat healthier, workout, sleep better,  and it helps combat stress. 

Not to mention the multitude of studies on happiness having positive effects on your body and lengthening your life expectancy. Here is an article that links to multiple studies discussing the benefits of having positive well-being. 

Now we can’t be happy 24/7. Other emotions are going to come up, and it is good to fully experience them in order to process them and move on. But, a lot of the time we are feeling so so and could easily push ourselves to be more positive. With that in mind, here are some exercises to help you bring the joy. 


    1.    Prime the emotion you want for an event or the day. This means that you will think about how you want to feel. You will visualize the event or day going the way you want it to.

This is a great exercise to do every morning. Instead of letting the day dictate how we will feel, we will take charge and decide how we will feel. 

    2.    Anticipate positive outcomes from your actions. Be optimistic and believe that your actions will be rewarded. Thinking that you can and will, will lead to better outcomes. 

    3.    Imagine what could possibly throw your day off. How will you counter those situations so you can still have a positive attitude and a good day? Plan for it. 

    4.    Steer social interactions toward positive emotions and experiences. When you are chatting with coworkers or friends and all they want to do is continuously be negative or down, try and ask questions that would insight positive emotions. Look at the bright side of situations to promote others strengths and joys. 

    5.    Be grateful. Reflect on your day and remember the positive emotions that you experienced, and what led to those moments. Reflect on those moment daily and weekly. 

Gratitude has positive effects on the mind. Starting a gratitude journal can improve your outlook and positivity. If you struggle with knowing what to be grateful for, read The Power of Gratitude: 100 Things to Be Grateful For

Worksheet for More Energy Every Day

Worksheet for more energy every day

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Be Present 

Being present, means being engaged with whatever you are doing. You may not like it, or the people you are with, but you are in it  and experiencing it. In an age of technology, and the pressure to always be thinking about our future, we can miss the amazingness of today. 

Being present means you have to put down your phone, email, books or whatever it is and fully engage with your surroundings. So, if your mind is wondering it might be time to do the release tension exercise in order to bring some focus and clarity on what your intentions are for this event.                                                        

When you are present, you will be able to fully experience all the emotions that are being brought to the situation. I find that I am more engaged with completing tasks and being productive. Plus, that feeling that you worked on things, but your mind wasn’t really in it, doesn't  happen. That stress from only half participating is gone, with gratitude and relief to replace it. 

Get Fit Now

Seriously. Now. You might have been dreading this part where I tell you you can create more energy by working out, eating healthier, and getting more sleep. But, guess what, it is true and works. 

So start small. 

Working Out

Working out will improve learning, boosts memory, elevates mood, increase you attention span, and makes you more alert. All of those things increase your performance. 

By boosting your physical energy you will increase your mental and emotional energy as well. It is one of the best ways to combat stress. So, get your work out clothes on and go sweat. 

If you are just starting to work out try starting with 4 times a week with 2 days doing weights and 2 days doing 30 minutes of cardio. If you need help figuring out what todo, get a trainer, google it, or ask the people who work at your gym. 

Eat Smart

We know that food is the fuel for our body and mind. Food can change our mood and our productivity. So, eat healthy. We have learned this since we were children that you need a balanced diet. Limit the intake of sugar and alcohol. I won't go into this too much, but focus on starting the day off with a protein packed breakfast. 


You have to have sleep. If you are not getting enough, between 7 -9 hours, then you need more. You can only go for so long, on little amounts of sleep before you crash and burn. Your body needs to recover. 

So if you are struggling with sleep read this article 17 Ways to Get More, Better Sleep

If you are really struggling to get more energy, focus on these tasks for the next couple of weeks. Limit your social schedule. Make time for your workouts, get 7-9 hours of sleep, and plan some healthy meals. Take time in between tasks to release your tension and try to bring joy in every thing you do.

You will see the benefits of more energy and productivity. Let me know what helps keep you energized on a day to day basis, in the comments below. 


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