4 Questions to Ask When Setting Your Goals

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In order to succeed and crush your goals it will take hard work and passion. Asking these questions will help determine if these goals align with your passions and are goals that you are going to be willing to stick with. The journey to achieving any worthy goal is challenging but also should be one that you are grateful for. To make sure that you are choosing the right goals ask these questions.


Many of us choose career goals for money, or out of expectation. We think that a title or a paycheck is enough motivation to keep trucking through long hours, missed get togethers, and missing out on feeling excited every day for work. But, really even a 9 to 5 that is soul draining and makes you feel like you fill no great purpose can be enough to quit. 

So, you have to ask yourself why this goal? Why will I stick with it for a year or five? What is the reason that goes beyond the materialistic? It is important that it resonates with you and you can feel the passion. There will be challenges, unforeseen hiccups, and possible extending of your timeline, so you want to be able to know you are doing this for YOU. 

Your reasons don't have to be grand, like saving the world or even making a huge difference. If the reason why resonates with you and your well-being then you are on the right path. Make sure that your reason for achieving any goal are your reasons. Don't find out at the end, when you derive no joy from it that you weren't doing it for you after all. 

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The end goal is something to be excited about. If you have ever met a goal and felt nothing it is probably because the goal didn't or no longer resonated with you on a deeper level. Make sure that you know what it is so it doesn't feel like a waste of time when you crush it. 


Some goals are great, but don't jive with our priorities right now. It may be that you want to build two businesses at the same time and have no previous experience building a business. Those two goals are competing priorities that will most likely lead you to not meet either goal. 

So what other priorities are in your life? What other goals do you have? Is this goal number 1 or is this goal number 12? Knowing where it stands in the line of priorities makes it more clear about what you will sacrifice for this goal and what you won't sacrifice for this goal.

For long term goals, sacrifices will be made and hard choices will come up. If you know this will compete with other priorities and that will hinder your progress and momentum then maybe this goal should be put on the back burner for another day. 


This is a question with three parts that come from having S.M.A.R.T. goals. Is your goal specific? Meaning does it clearly define what it is you are wanting. For example, a goal for the new year may be, I want to be happier this year. This is a vague goal. You have to be more specific in saying I want to be happier by spending at least one day a week with friends or family, and go on vacation at least two times this year. Or it may be spending more time outside or doing your hobbies. What ever it is make sure you know the nitty gritty of it. 

Is your goal achievable or is it a so extreme that you are setting yourself up for failure. An example of this is saying that you master a foreign language in a year, when you are also getting your M.D. This relates to competing priories but also may require readjusting your timeline.

Lastly, is your goal something that you can track? Numbers, numbers, numbers. They are important when evaluating where you are and where you want to be. You have to be able to track and evaluate your goal in some way. So figure out if the tracking is studying the language every day for 15 minutes or how many pounds you have lost. What ever it is you need to be able to reevaluate what you doing and see if there are changes that are needed to better achieve your goal. 


When achieving a goal, especially if it is new, you experience learning curves. During these times it can become overwhelming to continue to pursue your goals when you feel like you are unqualified to be doing it. Knowing what strengths you bring to the table and sticking to them will help you persevere. 

Not all skills will be apparent. Some may be your ability to plan, organize, decorate, write, brainstorm, connect, speak, persistence, innovate, ability to overcome failure, your courage, insight, or analytical skills.

Know that you have a bucket full of strengths and tools to call on when things get tough. They are the skills that will keep you moving forward and help you enjoy the journey. You will also discover new strengths and passions with any new endeavor. Realize those strengths and embrace them. 


After answering these questions you have narrowed down your goals to ones that you will achieve. They are goals that you are passionate about and will work hard for. You will know your strengths and stick with it overcoming challenges to ultimately enjoy the journey. 

So, what are your goals and what are your whys? Let me know in the comments below.