7 Day Spring Self-Care Challenge

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Spring is here! I am so excited! But, that means we are going to have to dust off some cobwebs from the winter months and crawl out of our warm and cozy spaces to get some much needed sun and fresh air. 

I enjoy the winter, but it is easy to pick up some poor habits and neglect ourselves. I have created a 7 Day Self-Care Challenge to get us ready for the summer. Everyday we will look at an area of self-care to see what small tweaks and changes we need to make. 

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If you want the abbreviated challenge, read on! 

Day 1: Physical Space 

Today we are going to assess your space. The main focus is on your space that brings your peace. This may be your bedroom, a part of the living room, or the kitchen. If you haven’t set up a place that does provide tranquility, creativity, or focus, read Creating a Healthy and Rejuvenating Space

During the winter months we have celebrated a few holidays, and collected a few extra things that we really don’t like or want. Now is the time to empty your space of extra stuff. Open up the windows and let some crisp air in, along with some sun. 

Learn some extra tips to help your space from the email challenge, also get two worksheets to help you with your space. 

Day 2: Emotional Health 

Winter holidays and the cold can make many of us experience a sense of loneliness not tangible the rest of the year. That is okay, because the lack of sun and cold weather have that effect on many.  

There are 2 options for today. One, to talk it out, the other to write it out. 

Now is the time to air those feelings out. If you have been experiencing loneliness, depression, or sadness, today you will voice those struggles.

1. Have a talk about your feelings with one person that cares about you. 

The conversation doesn’t have to be long. But, you do have to share your thoughts and feelings. Don’t be afraid of the consequences of sharing. 

2. If you are in a place that you can not talk to anyone or you don’t feel comfortable sharing your feelings with others, I want you to write out your emotions. Whatever they are, get them out. 

Read more on the Why You Should Journal Daily

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If this journaling activity helped you, get more journaling prompts, with the 30 Days of Journal Prompts. If you sign up for the email challenge you will receive journal prompts specifically for getting out your winter blues. 

Day 3: Physical Well-Being  

Day 3 is all about the body. Take a look at your eating and exercise habits over the past week. Has your eating been healthy? Have you exercised?

This isn’t a time to beat yourself up. This is a time to acknowledge was has taken place. Winter is a time we all eat more fatty and sweet foods. Some of my favorite foods are made during the holidays. 

What is one thing you can do to put something better into your body? It may be drinking 8 glasses of water today, having one less dessert, or one less glass of wine. Do it today and try to continue this one thing for the rest of the 7 days. Your body will thank you for it. 

It is cold and going to the gym feels like an even bigger endeavor than before. Many of us fall off the exercise train during the winter months. It happens. It is okay. But, we know that our bodies need exercise. 

I want you to put exercise in your calendar. Choose 3 days in the next 7 days to schedule at least 20 minutes of exercise. 

Needing some easy workout ideas for home, get the 7 Day Self-Care Free Email Challenge for more ideas. 

Day 4: Financial Health 

Regardless of how your spending was this winter, right now is a good time assess if you are spending within your means. 

If there are trips that you want to take this summer it is time to start saving for them. If you want to pay off your credit cards, it is a great time to start tracking that. 

Take a look at where your money has gone in the past 30 days. Account for bills, food, random spending and taking out cash. Know where your money has gone. With this information make a reasonable budget of what spending should be, so that you can save. 

Day 5: Relationships

It is easy to stay in doors during the winter and neglect family and friends, hibernating in our rooms. Now is the time to schedule 3 social activities with friends or family for the next month. 

Get back outside with the people you love. Or, have people over for dinner, drinks, or games. Rejuvenate relationships that are important to you. 

Day 6: Creative/ Intellectual Mindset 

Some of us may have hibernated away and continued to learn and be creative. Others, me included, took the time to binge watch TV series and movies. There is nothing wrong with that, but our brains need more. 

We all have creative juices flowing in us that need to be tapped into every once and a while. Same goes for learning. Are brains need to be pushed and taught new things. Or else they grow bored. 

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So, your task for today is to pick one creative opportunity that you will explore in the next 7 days AND one new way podcast, blog, or book that you will start to learn from.  

Day 7: Spiritual Health 

Day 7 is the day you check in with your souls. What does your soul feel? At peace, happy, or fulfilled? 

If you feel that you aren’t experiencing those feelings but want to. Try some meditation. 

Your task for today is to meditate for 5 minutes. 

Learn more about meditation and its benefits, here. Also get the How to Guide for Meditate with 3 different meditations, 6 tips, and 4 resources. 

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Now you have finished the 7 Day Spring Self-Care Challenge. I hope you feel a little lighter and more loved after 7 days of caring for yourself. Let me know how your feel in the comments, below. 

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