4 Ways to Help You Be Productive After Work

4 Ways to Help You Be Productive After Work

How many of us feel like we get home and waste our evenings? I can raise my hand to that one. The next morning we are annoyed that no progress was made in a hobby, self-care, or even basic cleaning. This can feel like the inevitable merri-go-round when you arrive home late from work, on a regular basis.  

For all of those who struggle productivity after a long day I have a few tricks to help you get the most out of your evenings. Now, you may be thinking, not going to happen. I get home between 8 or 9, sometimes later. Well, yes that is late. But, it doesn't mean you still can't use your limited time of 30 minutes or an hour and a half to benefit yourself. 

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A Morning Routine for the Busy Lady

A Morning Routine for the Busy Lady

Morning rituals are all the buzz, but can seem intimidating when people talk about journaling for half an hour, doing their morning workout, and reading for half an hour. When you are busy, a morning ritual can be more of a hassle than a self-care ritual. Well, I am here to tell you that your morning ritual can be anything you want it to be, and fit into your schedule. 

I am going to talk about some different ideas to have in your morning ritual, and suggest time limits so that you can enjoy it without worrying about being late for work.

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Tips on Balancing Your Life

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Balance is possible for anyone. If you feel overwhelmed or that there is not enough time in the day, know that there is. To have a balanced life you don't need more time or resources. You have the same amount of time as everyone else who is doing it. To balance your life takes no resources, just a few minutes and a little bit of planning.

First, let me clarify what having a balanced life is. First it is not giving equal amounts of time to each part of your life. It isn't even giving a certain set amount of time or proportion of time to a part of your life.  Balance is maintaining multiple aspects of your life in a healthy manner, including: career, relationships, hobbies, health, etc.

A balanced life does not look the same to everyone, but should be fulfilling and provide joy. Balancing your life for the long run takes little time but conscious effort in decision making.

There was a time when I balanced studying for the New York State Bar Exam (to become a licensed attorney), working 40 hours a week, and I started running to ease the immense amount of stress that those two major tasks took on me. Balancing for me meant making sure I arrived at work on time so that I could leave on time to run and study for a couple hours. It was very repetitive, which made it easier to be consistent. But, even if your life isn't repetitive and each day looks different, balance is possible!

Schedule! Schedule! Schedule!

When you know you are going to have a long day, or a crazy day, a schedule usually helps you use your time in the most efficient way. Making a list of 4 or 5 tasks for the day, can help eliminate poorly using your time on tasks that are not priority.  

Usually I had pretty simple tasks, when I studied for the bar. The simpler and easier they are to remember, the more likely you will get them done. My daily tasks rarely changed. Go to work, work 8 hours. Study for the bar - get certain section of a subject done. Run 4 miles. Writing out the tasks also sets the priorities. Which can help keep those at the forefront of your mind, throughout the day.

Simplify or Outsource Tasks that Need to be Done

Key to being able to balance all your needs and wants is by outsourcing or simplifying tasks that will always be there. For example laundry- we all have it. Reusing clean clothes and not tossing it the dirty laundry pile prolongs the need to clean the pile. Also, if you work out frequently and have to do laundry for new workout clothes, consider washing them in the shower before you clean yourself. It takes 5 minutes. You  hang dry them and they are ready the next day. This also works for parties and bras which can definitely extend the laundry deadline.

When grocery shopping buy fresh foods for a week and frozen foods for the following week, so that you only have to make 2 trips to the grocery store a month. If you really have the money and space you can stock up with a wholesaler like Costco or Sam's club.

When it comes to cleaning, set an allotted amount of time every day. Use 5 minutes to pick up and tidy up the living room or our own space. Spend 10 minutes doing the dishes. Set and alarm, when it goes off you are done. Then, that is it for cleaning. The point is to actually maintain tidiness, but truely limiting the time spent on cleaning. 

For those of you that can afford it, get your groceries delivered. Have a cleaning service clean your home and have your laundry done for you.

Simplify Your Routines to Open Up Space and Time

When you just have to grab your lunch out of the fridge, versus making it every morning, a morning chore becomes an afterthought. Meal prepping is one task that can eliminate extra time spent on thinking and preparing food every day. Prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks on a Sunday. There are many youtube videos that show you how to do it, and how to do it quickly. Only using a few hours one time a week.

Another option is picking out your clothes for the week or having a uniform (same or similar outfit) you wear. This cuts down on time spent worrying about superfluous things that we are most likely the only ones noticing. There are probably more things in your life that you could stream line by just doing it all for the week or month at one time, versus spending time every day or week on it.

There is automatic payment for bills, that can be automatically deducted from your bank account, so you don't spend time thinking about bills or wondering if you paid it this month. Options like these really eliminate extra tasks and worry, so your energy can go to your priorities.

Don't over book

Don't think that somehow you have mastered time and space. Because you haven't. No one has. There is always shit that will pop up! ALWAYS! Especially when you plan your day down to the minute. A bathroom break will set your whole schedule askew and soon you will feel like you are playing catch up, and not at all like you are winning.

Winning means leaving time for the unexpected. A phone call to go a little longer than expected. Or a little time to breathe and gather your thoughts before the next major task. Give a little buffer zone for every task and action so that each day you have scheduled your main major tasks leaving room for life to happen. 

Everything is a CHOICE!

You get to choose the tasks every day and the priories in your life. If you have the mindset that you have to go to your 9-5 that you don't like, it will only make you feel less in control and lead to more complaining. You have a choice, you can go to work or you can stay home. But I have bills to pay so I have to go to work. No, you have a choice. You can pay your bills or you can choose not to. Plenty of people have chosen the later.

The choice is always yours! ALWAYS! You can make the life you want and choose how it will look or choose to let others dictate it. Each priority, each task, you choose to do and fulfill. Your choice, your joy, your accomplishments! If you chose to do it, give it your all. 100%. Half assing anything will only give you some of the benefits and make a chaotic life have less meaning and less balance.

Make your tasks list based off of your wants and choices. What life are your trying to create - let the task list reflect that. You can choose how you will balance everything. It's a choice, yours.

Please, get some sleep!

Take care of yourself! It will make EVERYTHING seem a lot more manageable with a night of good rest and being well fed. If you can get 2-3 nights of good rest, making choices and deciding on how to balance is a lot easier. Please know that whatever it is will be there waiting for you in the morning. Most likely no one is going to die. But you may come up with a better way to handle a situation or a faster way to tackle a problem after a good night's rest. So allow yourself to have some. 


Life can be a chaotic mess. feeling overwhelmed is common, but balance is possible. Make a choice of how to fill your days. Streamline and outsource necessary tasks to free up some time. Most imprtantly a little self care can go a long way to helping you achieve the  are looking for. 


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