A Morning Routine for the Busy Lady

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Morning rituals are all the buzz, but can seem intimidating when people talk about journaling for half an hour, doing their morning workout, and reading for half an hour. When you are busy, a morning ritual can be more of a hassle than a self-care ritual. Well, I am here to tell you that your morning ritual can be anything you want it to be, and fit into your schedule. 

I am going to talk about some different ideas to have in your morning ritual, and suggest time limits so that you can enjoy it without worrying about being late for work. If you are struggling with energy in the morning I suggest reading the How to Create a Morning Routine for More Energy and How to Create a Nightly Routine for More Energy Tomorrow

Morning rituals are an easy way to get some self-care in, while, also setting yourself up for a good day. Morning routines change depending on what we have going on in our lives. As life changes so should your morning rituals. I have always embraced the time that I get to myself in the morning, you should too. 

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how to create a morning ritual 

Morning rituals don't have to be complicated or long. It may focus on you just doing one of these ideas, below, that gives you what you need to start your day off right. Since time is limited I suggest making a ritual that is no longer than 30 minutes, but can be squished down into 7 or 8 minutes if need be. 

Start your morning off with a positive action immediately when you open your eyes. Either you are drinking a glass of water or jumping into to some workout clothes. Whatever it is, take action first thing in the morning. When we sit, and wait to wake up we waste time we don't have. This leads to the mad dash to get to work on time. 

Try different ideas to see what fills your cup and gets you a little more excited for the day. Here are some questions to consider when creating your morning ritual. 

How much time do I have? 

What do I feel that I am lacking in the morning when I get to work? 

Is there one thing I know I need to focus on?  

parts of a morning ritual

Below I have listed different options to include in your morning ritual. If you sit a lot or carry your stress in your body, then focusing on applying some body ideas might be a key component for your morning ritual. If you feel that you lack clarity or focus in the morning then try some of the mind options. Know that these are just some ideas.


If your body is a bit sluggish or if you know that you sit all day and want to give it some love in the morning, then a little bit of body lovin' is what could ignite your morning ritual, and change your day. 

Eating & Drinking 

I am starting with what you put into your body. Most of us have a caffeine habit that is either tea or coffee. So, I definitely understand wanting your first sip in the morning to be that drink. But, I have found something much more simple that actually helps me wake up body. A glass of water. When I have a glass of water in the morning, and then a cup a coffee I feel more awake and energized for longer. So, that is an option for you. 

What are you eating for breakfast. It doesn't have to be a big meal, or one that takes a lot of time, but eating can help your body turn on. It is a matter of realizing that you ate dinner 8, 10, or 12 hours ago. Your body may be running low and need some more calories to burn. Try a healthy simple breakfast like a banana, quick oats, or a bagel. Eating a small something in the morning can help jumpstart your body. 

I know you are short on time. So, if you plan one thing for breakfast every morning it leaves the decision making power out of it. Drink your glass of water while you prepare your meal, either to eat now or later. It doesn't take long. 

Also, if this is the extent of your morning ritual I understand. Some times it is nice to be able to sit, eat and just be present to that and nothing else in the morning. Enjoy your own company that is self-care. 


Depending on what you are needing for your day, some exercise may be the things that helps you feel empowered in the morning, but also motivated. You can help you body get some movement in, especially if you sit all day. Also, it is a good way to relieve some stress. There is stretching, yoga, cardio, HIIT routines, weight lifting, circuits, and so many other exercises to do. 

If you are looking for something that may help with your mental and physical state, try yoga. If you are wanting to relieve stress, do some cardio outside or a circuit inside. It doesn't take 30 minutes to break it sweat. You can do a workout in 5 minutes that leaves you breathing heavy and sweating. 

My Pinterest board Healthy and Fit for Women is a great resource for exercise ideas and tips. 


Waking up, not focused or having a lot of emotional turmoil can lead to a rough start to any day. If you do struggle with getting your mind on board for the tasks of the day here are some ideas to help. 


Sometimes we wake feeling emotions that haven't settled from the previous night, or even previous years. Sometimes our life is going through a rough patch, and emotions weigh heavy on our minds and hearts. When this is the case it can be hard to focus on the day ahead. It can be hard getting motivated. 

A couple options to help you with your emotions in the morning are journaling and listening to uplifting, motivating podcast. When I am struggling in the morning with negative emotions and thoughts, I know that it is time to start journaling every day again. It is a way to deplete all the emotions swimming in your head so that you can focus on other things. 

Sometimes it is not enough to just journal one time in the morning. Sometimes more is necessary to get it all out, so really committing to spending 25 minutes in the morning journalling out all your emotions and thoughts can be really productive. The longer I journal consistently, the more clarity and focus I realized I was able to gain from it each day. 

When you are struggling to be positive in the morning, whether going to work is a struggle or life in general is a struggle, listen podcasts that will boost your spirits. I have been in jobs that I hated, but when I was able to consistently listen to positive and motivational advice I knew that I had to start taking action to get out of the job I hated. It reminded me of what I am capable of and to not be complacent with my current surroundings. 

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Listening to a podcast or a book can be done on the way to work, which really gives you a few more minutes for something else in your morning routine. 


For some, life is pretty good and you manage to get the self-care you need during the day, but you struggle with actually getting your brain turned on in the morning. Some times that cup of coffee doesn't cut it and it only helps you realize how fuzzy your brain is. 

So, instead of having another cup of coffee, try an activity that actually engages your mind and can help it awaken. Ideas for this are reading a book, being creative, working on a hobby, or listening to an educational podcast. These things can be especially challenging todo in the morning. But, continuously doing it will help train your brain in a way to know, oh its time to warm up and get started for the day. 


Some times we wake up and just need spiritual uplifting, peace or clarity. It is not a matter of feeling tired, or emotionally distraught, but that something is missing, and you just can't quit articulate what it is. This is the time to work on your spirit in the morning. 

A couple ways to do this are meditation, prayer, reading scripture or listing to music. Each can support the soul in a way, and give something that is challenging to articulate at times. 

Example morning Routine 

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What is your morning ritual when time is limited? Let me know in the comments below. 

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