The Power of Gratitude: 100 Things to Be Grateful For

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Some days it is hard to see the silver lining, the little nugget of good, or even a reason to keep trucking a long. But, guess what? There is. Being able to see what you have and being grateful for it can lead to a change in mindset and a change in circumstances. When you have only time to pin point the good in your life you don't have time to sit in the bad and negative. 

Now I am not saying that you bury your head in the sand about the struggles, issues, and problems. But, when you tackle them, you do it with the perspective and mind set to know that there is still great things going on in your life and good opportunities ahead. Gratitude can help you see there is so much more out there, and you can continue to push, jump, struggle, and leap for it. 

Gratitude is not a means of comparison. It is not for someone else to make you feel or point out what you have and others don't. Gratitude is seeing what you have and being in great aww of your abundance. Abundance doesn't always mean lots of material items, opportunities, friends, or great health. What it does mean is understanding the value of what you do have. You see it clearly and appreciate it, regardless of what it is. When you see value in everything you have the ability see opportunity everywhere, as well. 

Some times this is irritating, because you think of people who are like this as overly optimistic, idiots, who will be blindsided by life. Being aware of what you have and not taking it for granted doesn't mean you float in the clouds. I can't say you won't feel a bit happier, and feel like the world has even more to offer you than ever before, but you also don't have to be delusional about the hard work ahead. When awful things hit, you will feel sad, but when you look with eyes filled with gratitude you can take a deep breathe and move forward knowing that you have what it takes. 

Being grateful doesn't mean you don't feel down, sad, disappointed, or angry. We all have emotions that will come up, negative and positive. Being grateful means that you don't sit in the negative emotions in an unproductive mindset that doesn't help your situation.  You realize that there is potential and opportunity to move forward and still find joy. 

Try a daily gratitude list. Every day write down three different things that you are grateful for. When shit hits the fan and you feel like absolutely everything is falling a part, go to your gratitude list. Look at everything that is moving for you. The list is not only a reminder of what is going well but also a list of places, people, or things to do that will provide comfort and positive emotions. 

We all know we need to be grateful,  but sometimes it can be difficult when everything keeps falling a part. Here are some ideas on things to be grateful for:

1. A cup of hot chocolate.

2. Sleeping in. 

3. Warm covers. 

4. The warmth of the sun on your face. 

5. Spontaneous dance parties. 

6. Yummy grilled cheese and tomato soup. 

7. Long hugs with good friends. 

8. Listening to favorite songs. 

9. Waking up and not being tired. 

10. The smell of breakfast cooking. 

11. A loved one saying they are proud of you. 

12. Genuine excitement to go to work. 

13. Weekends that feel longer than two days. 

14. You are able to read this. 

15. You have access to an unlimited amount of knowledge. 

16. You can connect with you friends in a couple seconds. 

17. You can walk. 

18. You have an education. 

19. The food in your kitchen. 

20. The ability to chose what you want to do with your life. 

21. Your bad days, because they make the good ones really good. 

22. You have somewhere to go when it rains. 

23. You get see the beautiful sky. 

24. Thanksgiving spread. 

25. Family traditions. 

26. Friend reunions. 

27. A breath of fresh air. 

28. Food prepared for you, by loved ones or a restaurant. 

29. You can dance and move your body. 

30. A drink a ice cold water when you are hot. 

31. Chapstick. 

32. Painted nails. 

33. Good smelling hair. 

34. Night time cuddles. 

35. First kisses.

36. Good movies. 

37. Support from friends. 

38. Being able to receive someone's wisdom. 

39. The mindset to push forward. 

40. Hot showers. 

41. Laughing until crying. 

42. Finding money. 

43. Having understanding parents. 

44. Get togethers with friends. 

45. Good toilet paper. 

46. Having creative ability, even if it is not refined. 

47. Good health. 

48. A book that you don't want to put down. 

49. Opportunities in front of you. 

50. Good hair days. 

51. A good sweat from a hard workout. 

52. Singing along with the radio. 

53. Hugging your pet. 

54. Watching kind acts by a stranger. 

55. The heat in the winter 

56. Freshly baked bread. 

57. Challenges. 

58. A stranger giving you a compliment. 

59. Chocolate. 

60. Money for the small treats to yourself. 

61. Kind people on public transportation. 

62. Playing hooky with no consequences. 

63. Growing from challenges. 

64. Connecting with a stranger. 

65. Vacations.

66. Being held when crying. 

67. Job opportunities. 

68. Creative imagination. 

69. Passions. 

70. Infectious laughter. 

71. Glasses to see.

72. Road trips.

73. Fast internet.

74. Your phone. 

75. Uber/ Lyft/ Taxis 

76. A well lit room.

77. Hot pizza. 

78. Travel.

79. Feeling safe. 

80. Hot shower. 

81. GPS and directional apps. 

82. Parents. 

83. Supportive friends. 

84. Feeling full. 

85. Air conditioner. 

86. Email.

87. Ability to climb up stairs. 

88. Grandparents. 

89. Instant messenger. 

90. All green lights when driving. 

91. Subtitles in movies. 

92. Funny jokes. 

93. Smiling.

94. Warm shoes. 

95. Heaters. 

96. Freedom to express your views. 

97. Libraries. 

98. Candles.

99. Potted plants that are hard to kill. 

100. A good sneeze. 


Gratitude is a choice. Will you choose to see with eyes of gratitude? What are you grateful for?  

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