Book Review: The Miracle Morning

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How many of us have wanted more time in the day to get things accomplished? I think we all have. This book is a great suggestion in how to use your mornings, so that we are mentally ready for the day and its needs. Yes, there might be the same ideas we have all heard, but a reminder never hurt. 

What is Miracle Morning about?

This book is about achieving goals, by optimizing your morning routine in order execute the day with focus and energy. The program that is used is called S.A.V.E.R.S.

S - Silence

A - Affirmations

V - Visualization

E - Exercise

R - Reading

S - Scribing

How much time is required for this program to be effective: The SAVERS can be done in as little as 6 minutes in the morning OR as long as you want.

Is this program adaptable for each person?

Now I know that seems like a lot of time BUT look at it this way. My reading time is spent reading a book that I plan on writing a review about or I have been wanting to read. Writing can be your journaling for the day, or if you are a writer, writing a book, you actually work on that book. Each part is adaptable for everybody and their life. I can spend one minute on each part or an hour if I want.

It is a good time to reassess your goals that are long term and how you will take a small step forward today. In the morning I am able to organize my priorities for the day, and maybe even getting the most important things done in the morning before I get to work.

The book gives pointers and advice on how to make the program fit into 6 minutes. It also provides different ideas for each of the SAVERS.

Who is the author? Hal Elrod 

Hal Elrod discusses his personal experiences in the book from physical traumas to financial devastations. He continues to walk out what he discusses in his book, even to today. He is currently battling cancer, and has managed to post a couple videos and is still encouraging. Great, fun, and motivating man.

Is there a community?

YES! There is a facebook group that you can join. The Miracle Morning Community. It is very supportive. Continuous posts daily from members, along with support and in what ever goals and challenges you have set for yourself.

Is there more?

Yes, a lot more. Hal Elrod has Miracle Morning books for Sales People, Real Estate Agents, Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and for Writers. Each one designed for their particular goals and ambitions. There is also a podcast that features individuals discussing aspects of achieving goals. Then lastly on his website,, there are events that he puts on and coaching that provides.