Can I Have it All? Yes!

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Many of us ask this question at some point. "Can I have it all?" Maybe because we are overwhelmed and try to imagine continuing this lifestyle. Maybe because we feel that we are coming to a cross roads where we have to decide to let something go. Whatever your place in life, whatever "all" means to you, yes, you can have it all! You can have the career you want. You can have the family you want. You can travel, have hobbies, and maintain your sanity (for most of the time). 

Hard Work. 

Now let's get this out of the way. The lives we want to build and have are going to be challenging and require hard work. End of story. 

Now the real question is how to manage all the hard work and not go crazy or question if you can really do it all.

Self Care.

In order to remain sane you will need to take care of your whole self. You need to make sure you have enough energy to keep moving forward. 

Work out. Eat healthy. Journal. Meditate. Travel. Try new foods. Laugh. Love. Communicate. Enjoy your space. Explore your creative side. Learn something new. 

There are infinite possibilities to continually repair and renew yourself. Time and money are not reasons to not take care of yourself. You are worth it! 


Balance isn't equally dividing your time between all your priorities. It is necessary time to all your priorities. For each person it will look different, especially depending on what stage you are in of each priority. 

You need to plan with a purpose to fulfill your duties, obligations, and needs. Some weeks may require more time at work or more self care. Note that, and move on planning to balance it out in the following weeks. Adding an extra 30 minutes at work for a couple weeks or getting off at a set time, regardless of what's going on. Completely depriving yourself for too long in any area that is important to you will cause problems. 


Don't spend your valuable time on things that aren't important to you! How many times do we come home and start zoning out to TV or Facebook? It's not important and not one of your priorities, so it should take a back seat. 

Write out your top priorities and I suggest self care be one of them. Knowing where your time would best be spent can help you not needlessly waste it. Self care as a priority will allow yourself to enjoy your friends and down time, being productive in refueling yourself. 

100% invested in the NOW!- be present.

You chose this, so, own it. When you are at work, do only work. When you are with friends or family let your thoughts be only present to that. Be 100% invested in the present. It can be hard to do when we have many other demands, but it will help with your over all self care and productivity. 

You won't win every day. 

When I was at a conference once, a woman spoke about having it all. She was an attorney, in the military, traveled a lot, had just had a child and enjoyed being able to cook for her husband every night. She told us, young female law students, that it is possible to have it all. She felt like she did. But, one major piece of advice she said that I will not forget is that you will not win every day. 

She is not always able to tuck her baby in at night. She doesn't always get to make it home to make dinner. There are sacrifices that she makes in each part of her life.

So, every day you aren't going to feel that you are on top of it. Wants won't always be met in one aspect of your life. You may not make it to your friend's birthday or be able to see your kids t-ball game. You may miss an important meeting at work or let an email slip through the cracks.

It happens. We are human. We will rarely have the amazing perfect days where everything in every area of our life goes our way. It's okay. Keep moving forward. Don't beat yourself up about yesterday. Focus on opportunities that are present to you. 

You can have it all. It may feel awfully overwhelming and challenging, but if it were easy, you probably wouldn't want it. Don't worry, you're a badass! You can do this. What does having it all mean to you?

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