Book Review: Fire Starter Sessions

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Danielle Laporte gives an explosive deep dive into the soul, through 16 beefy chapters, which she calls sessions, in Fire Starter Sessions. Each of us is trying to live our fullest lives but sometimes we are not being true to our character or our true calling. Fire Starter Sessions pushes you explore yourself and what makes you joyous and driven. 

What's Fire Starter Sessions About 

Laporte gives worksheets with each session to help you dive into yourself. She asks you to strip away the money, pedigree, title, and even the office with a window as a reason to do what you do. Your job should be a reflection of your character and the fire inside. 

Laporte breaks the book into three parts: Mojo, Moxie, and Results. Mojo has you explore what drives you and provides joy. You assess the priorities in you life and look at their ability to light a fire in you. The last session in Mojo has you figure out how you want to feel in life and how to get there. 

Part two, Moxie, is an exploration of strength. Laporte has you explore your strengths while also teaching you about fear and failures. You do an exercise called glory boarding, to see where positive emotions are empowered. You dream big, eliminating finances or what you think "should do" to a list of possibilities that make you smile. Laporte has you empower your self-care needs and helps you identify and eliminate bad habits.

The final part is Results. Laporte has you brand what business you are really in. There are many exercises to discover, and define your character. These last sessions also dive into your relationship with money and the importance of gratitude. 

Laporte asks you to reveal the ewwy gewwy inside. Take away all the materialistic stuff and see what really makes you tick and what lights a fire in you. 

Who Should Read This 

If you are questioning your career path, and what you have defined as success, or need affirmation for the path you have chosen, this is for you. You may already know that your core is aligned with what you do but need help branding yourself to reflect this, this book discusses branding and has multiple exercises to help you. 

Who is the author, Danielle Laporte?

Danielle Laporte is a woman who has experienced ups and downs, failures and successes,. She has worked her ass off for what she thought she wanted to realize it wasn't what she wanted after all. So, if you need to hear it from someone who has done it, failed, picked herself back up to do it again and succeed by her own terms, Danielle Laporte is your gal. 

Is there a Community?

There is a facebook group for this book. There is also, a facebook page for Danielle Laporte that is very active, she also has facebook groups for her others books. 

Is there more?

Yes, there is! She has two other books, White Hot Truth and Desire Map. Her store has things from candles, to tattoos, jewelry, and planners..