Gratitude: Its Importance During The Fall

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Gratitude. It is something that we should all continue to look for in our lives. It is now fall and going to be deep into holiday season where we are expected to be grateful for everything. Guess what, you don’t have to wait for the holidays to start showing your gratitude.

Today, is a great day to start. Looking at your life and seeing what you can be grateful for is an easy way to experience joy. It doesn’t mean that you ignore the bad things happening, the misfortune, or the wrongs of others. It means that through all that you can still see things to be grateful for.

Here are a few things I am grateful for this Fall.

Strong Relationships

There have been a lot of changes in my life just this year. My income has gone up and down multiple times. There have been health issues, grumpy times, joyous times, and challenges. Through it all I have maintained relationships that continue to support.

Those relationships with friends and family make my life better. Regardless of my income, my health issues, my joy or my challenges these people have remained here with me. It is easy to skip out on people when they are going through a lot, it can be draining to be around them. But, strong relationships means I haven’t been abandoned or forgotten.

Now, the amount of strong relationships any of us have will differ. But, it is the quality of the relationship that always will matter more. Think on your life and give thanks for the people who have remained firm in their love for you.

Sometimes their love for you may mean they disagreed with your choices, but they remained non the less a part of your life. Continue to build your strong relationships and see who can be there for.

Healthy Body

After going through a few health issues early this year, I realized I have been taking my body for granted for some time now. I am blessed to have a body that works for me, and continues to meet my expectations. When it was not, it was a struggle to realize that my body was rebelling against me.

Our bodies are a treasure. We must love them and nurture them. Our bodies deserve hot baths, long runs, good clean food, massages, sleep, and love. I must take better care of my body. It deserves more movement and healthy food. It will get those things, because I realize that it can’t run for ever on half met needs.

If your body isn’t functioning to its highest potential remember that it needs love and kindness. It is your only one, treat it well.

Healthy Mind

I have suffered from depression and truly relish when my mind is functioning at its potential. I have focus, drive, a plan, and want to take action. When I have experienced depression I didn’t experience any of those things.

It is so important to me to love the good days I have. I have to give gratitude to my brain for firing enough dopamine and myself for not stressing over the small things.

Gratitude can be given at any time. Stop, take time to see what you should be thankful for in your life. It is important give thanks this fall. What are you grateful for.