How to build the happiness within

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Happiness is a choice. Every. Single. Day. We have the choice to be happy or let other emotions dictate how we feel. Knowing and believing it is a choice is the easier part. Actually choosing happiness each moment, is the challenging one. 

So, to help you choose happiness even when you are feeling blah, angry, irritated, or down, I have compiled a list of ideas to help. The following list are options to help you choose happiness and nurture it on a daily basis. You should give all of them a chance and see which ones help the most. 

1. Be present 

When you are engaged with your present your mind is not able to wonder into the past or the future. You can feel what you have to feel about this very moment, but nothing else. To know if you are in the present moment, notice your breathing. Challenge yourself to really pay attention to what is around you, who is speaking, what they are saying. Notice the smells, the temperature, and how your own body is reacting to your surroundings. When your thoughts remain present you will be more at peace. 

Too often our emotional upheavals are from recounting the past or having expectations for the future. We miss right now, when we get all caught up in those thoughts and emotions. If you struggle with this read, 15 Ways To Be More Present In An Age of Technology.

2. Take responsibility for everything in your life

You will not remain happy for long if you always end up blaming others for your life’s circumstances. When you can take responsibility for exactly where you are and how you got here, then you get to own all the great that you make in your life. Creating a life that you want will have its up and downs. 

There will be mistakes, and failures, but, owning every part of it, will help you move forward. Don’t be stuck in the past because you feel that someone wronged you and prevented you from moving forward. Own your part and move on. 

3. Infuse each day with joy  

Make a choice to have joy inserted, purposefully in your life every day. Don’t start your morning with an annoying, blaring siren for an alarm. Put a favorite song for your wake up alarm. Something that will make you want to hop out of bed and start dancing. 

Shake up old routines if they are boring. Do something different and new so that you can enjoy in your morning or nightly routines. Maybe its something a little more fun for breakfast. Or a tasty creamer for your coffee. Have fun with it. Routine is great, but when you are bored of it, its time to spice it up. 

Add the cat pins, heart shaped stickie notes and anything else to your life that will spark a smile. If you have to paint your nails different colors every week, do it! It is so worth it to have color and things that remind you to smile. 

Here are a few other ways to infuse some joy in your life. Throw a monthly potluck party. Get really dressed up no mater what the day calls for. Go on an adventure in your city every week. Have an impromptu dance party. 

4. Be good to yourself

Take action for yourself. This means that you only say good things about yourself. Learn to accept compliments, even if you feel awkward about it. Let people know how you want to be treated. If you treat yourself and others well, people will get the message. 

Be good to your body. Eat healthy food, exercise, and wear clothes that make you feel good and happy. Know that what you do is not who you are. We all make mistakes and will have failures. Acknowledge the wins and celebrate them. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to go after your desires and dreams. 

Try this 7 Day Self-Care Challenge. Start taking action to be better to yourself today. 

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5. The power of language creation 

Words we say create our reality. If you are often negative and pessimistic you’re are going to feel that your world is dark, down, and no likes being there. What you say matters. So, make sure when you are speaking, your words are positive, and kind. Even when you have to share hard truths, you can speak encouragement, kindness, and forgiveness in your words. 

Eliminate words like can’t and try. Either you will do something or you won’t. Say affirmations to create the reality you want to live in. Say I love you in the front of a mirror. Affirm that you deserve love, you are discovering work that makes you feel fulfilled, and respect yourself. 

6. Surround yourself with positive people 

As you grow in your positivity find others who share it. Surround yourself with uplifting people. You will feel empowered and realize that you have barely tapped into your potential. Knowing you have support will help you leap for bigger, brighter dreams. 

Create a support system with like minded individuals to foster your happiness. Limit your time with people who no longer sync with your level of positivity. They may no longer understand where you are and where you are going. 

7. Set amazing goals 

Set goals that push you, scare you, and give you a thrill. Enjoy the process of growing and achieving. Accomplishing goals strengthens our confidence in our own abilities. It lifts our self-esteem and changes our perspective of ourselves. I love goals, and knocking them out of the park. 

Always have a goal that you are working toward in your free time. It will nurture resilience to over come challenges and continue to move forward. 

Self-loathing happens to all of us at one time or another. But, we don't have to sit there in it. We can make a choice to fight back by being present, changing our thoughts and being around good vibes. What do you do to fight your negative thoughts? Let me know in the Comment below. 

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