How To Create a Morning Routine For More Energy

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The mornings can be rough. It can be hard to get out bed, clear your mind and be motivated for the tasks ahead.  Creating a morning routine can help you start your day off with more energy for the day. 

It can be difficult to start a morning routine when you don't know if it is going to work. My suggestion is to use the How to Create a Morning Routine for More Energy Worksheet to help you. There are ideas to put into your routine, but keep it simple. 

Create More Energy In the Morning WorkSheet

Energizing morning routine worksheet

With this worksheet you will be able to create a simple and effective routine to help you wake up in the morning and energize yourself for the day.

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I am going to teach you how to put together a small morning routine that can be done no matter where you are, traveling or at home. The idea is to make it feasible, easy, and simple, so no excuses get in the way. 

How to Wake Up Feeling More Energized

In order to wake up with energy, you have to look back at your nightly routine. I won't go into this too much. But, it is important to notice what time you are going to bed. What thoughts you are having and how you are wrapping your night up.  Read How to Create a Nightly Routine For More Energy for more instruction. 


First Thoughts in the Morning 

It is important to be aware of what thoughts go through your head in the morning. When we are excited to get out of bed it is because we remember the exciting things we have planned for the day. When we don't think of an immediate positive our minds have a tendency to drift to the past, or what you are dreading for the day. 

Shaping your thoughts in the morning can be difficult if you feel that you have no control about what pops into it. That is why it is important to set up a nightly routine to prime your head before hand. 

Get Your Nightly Routine Check In Sheet

Nightly routine check in sheet

Build a simple nightly routine to help you have energy in the morning. Go to bed and sleep well. Wake up feeling energized.

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First Actions in the Morning 

The first actions you start your day with can set the tone of what the day is going to be like. So, starting the day with meeting your needs is important. Don't start with email or news. Those things usually don't lead to excitement and energy. 

Start with something that your body needs like water, or stretching. You are priming your body for future healthy things in the day with small self-care acts now. You can wake up your mind, your heart, and soul first thing in the morning to prime yourself for a great day. 

Energize your Body for the Day

How many of us have woken up to only feel exhausted an hour or so later. We think to ourselves that we did get a good nights rest, so what is happening. We didn't fuel our body appropriately. 


When I finish a workout in the morning I feel like I have already conquered my biggest task. It is only the morning, and I feel like I have empowered my self-discipline and self-care. Working out in the morning can really help your self-discipline and your stress levels going into the day. It will help mold your mindset for a more ambitious day. 

There are plenty of exercises, stretches, yoga positions to do in your home. You don't need exercise equipment to do a simple circuit exercise. Just google, or youtube some at home workouts.

Eating Right 

How are you fueling your body for the day. You haven't eaten since dinner the evening before. That was maybe 10 to 12 hours ago. What will you put into your body, to keep it awake and energized. That usually means not having a sugary breakfast but one that meets the needs of the body. 

Your body is needing healthy carbs and protein to be able to replenish and work for a few hours. So give yourself just that.

Have your cup of delicious coffee. I don't think a cup of coffee in the morning with sugar and milk is going to throw everything off, especially if it is a routine that brings you joy and comfort. It also meets your self-care needs in the moment and can be more rewarding for you later on in the day, when you have a smile on your face from the cup of coffee you got. 

How Will you Energize Your Mind for the Day 

Usually we require that cup of coffee to get our brains going. That extra zing to get the engine rumbling. But, while you have that cup of coffee, it might be a good idea to stretch that muscle out a bit before taking it out on the track. 

You stretch it with little pushes. If you are going to be creative during the day, then start with little doodles, brainstorming, or writing to get that part of your mind warmed up. If you are going to be doing some hard thinking, start with reading a book, or solving a couple small problems. 

I don't think actual work that you do for your 9 to 5 should be a part of this morning exercise. When energizing your brain you can be fostering personal development and your hobbies. This is hopefully fun for you in the morning and helps your brain wake up and engage. 

How to Be at Peace and Ready for What Ever the Day Brings 

It is important to have your body awake, brain up and screwed in, and your emotions ready for a great day ahead of you. Sometimes we are the ones that get in the way of providing the energy we need for the day, with negative, unhealthy thoughts that weigh us down. 

In order to lift ourselves up, there are different practices to quiet the mind and bring us into focus. Daily journaling can help you get all the negative out, so you have already done your moaning and complaining for the day. All thats left is clarity of mind and focus for the tasks ahead. 

Meditation can be a great way to bring focus to the day. Doing it regularly will make it easier for you to gain focus and peace. Getting your emotions ready for the day can be challenging but, the Worksheet for More Energy Every Day gives some questions to answer to help your set your day on the right track. 

Try the worksheet below. 

Worksheet for More Energy Every Day

Worksheet for more energy every day

Use the information in the post to plan a day with more energy.

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As you start a new morning routine, or add to your old one take notice of how you feel after each task. Are you more energized, positive and motivated? Let me know what morning routine habits help you to have more energy in the comments below. 

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