How To Create A Nightly Routine For More Energy Tomorrow

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We all want days that we are energized for and can continuously be productive in. There is so much opportunity to increase our energy levels. One of them being the time before bed. A nightly routine can be a primer for the next 24 hours. Your nightly routine can effect your sleep, your thoughts in the morning and your energy the next day. 

Below I will explain parts of a healthy routine. If you are needing help in building a healthy morning routine that will provide you more energy, try the How to Create a Morning Routine for More Energy.  

When is your bedtime 

If you struggle to make it to bed at the same time every night you will have to change that. Put your bed time in your schedule so that you can protect it. Make your day fit towards that goal. Set an alarm to remind yourself to start your nightly routine. 

Know that the more consistent with your bed time the easier it is to actually fall asleep. The body becomes regulated to that time of night. When you are consistent with your nightly routine, you are telling you body that it is almost time for bed. By making your mental state become accustomed to this routine it is like a trigger to calm your mind and ready it for sleep. 

If you struggle to get enough sleep read 17 Ways to Get More, Better Sleep.  

Time to wind down 

During your routine it is important to implement habits that help you wind down. That includes not watching TV, or being on your phone. The point of the time is to not stimulate your brain or body. Try having a 30 minute no electronics period before you go to bed. 

Now it can feel boring if you don't have anything to do right before bed. But, there are plenty of the activities to do before bed. Some examples are yoga, taking a shower, reading a book (Try not to read on your phone) or listening to music. There are many different options to help you bring your evening to a close, peacefully, without having technology be the center piece. 

When you are winding down sometimes your brain can be the one thing that doesn't get the memo that its time for bed. Establishing some specific cues for your brain to calm down are helpful. Two options that I find helpful are meditation and journaling. Sometimes you have to get all of your thoughts out to quiet your head, and nightly journaling is a great way to do that. Meditation can be a great way to clear the mind and relax as well.

Try the Nightly Routine Check In Sheet. It will help you create a simple and easy nightly routine. 

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Plan your Day tomorrow 

The point of having a routine to create energy for tomorrow is to make sure you put the right triggers in your head. When you are planning your day for tomorrow think about what you are excited to do tomorrow. It may not be something at work, which is okay. The point is to focus on something that is joyful that will stick with you till the morning. This could be who you are going to lunch with tomorrow, or the fact that you are getting off early. 

The second thing you will want to do is focus on the one major item or task that needs to be done tomorrow. This is something that should ignite a since of urgency. This task is probably the first thing you will think of in the morning. It will put a pep in your step and hopefully give you some energy, because you want to complete that one thing.  

Gratitude and Peace

It is important to end each day with an acknowledgement for the positivity and gratefulness for the days events. Recall the positive tasks, interactions, and events of the day. Relive the joy that they brought you. You will be more at peace with your situation which can help with a better nights sleep. 

Plan Your Routine

How you plan your routine is important for the whole process to work. Don't end the night by picking out your work clothes for the next day, only to start thinking about work and end the evening stressed about it. Do all the preparation tasks for the day at the beginning of the routine so that it doesn't prevent you from gaining the benefits of the nightly routine. 

This type of nightly routine is to set yourself help to wake up with energy and insight on how you will tackle the day. In order to do that there has to be thought into the order of how your routine takes place. The routine doesn't have to be extremely long. You may have one routine that is 30 minutes for when you make it home on time. And a condensed nightly routine that is 7 or 8 minutes for when time is crunched. 

You can have a great nightly routine that preps you for a energized and inspirational tomorrow. Let me know your nightly routine in the comments below. 

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