How To Find Your Purpose (Part 3): How Do You Want to Feel

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You want to know what path to take, what direction to go, and what your true calling is. But really, you are seeking a feeling. A feeling of accomplishment, acceptance, or fulfillment that you currently don't have. Feelings are a big part of figuring out what you want to do and actually making it there happy. 

Plenty of people work hard to create what others would perceive as success only to be lonely, unhappy, and lack fulfillment. You have an opportunity to choose and define the feelings you want to experience and start choosing those feelings every day. 

This is the third part of a series on finding your purpose. The first post was on knowing yourself. If you haven't already, read Part 1: Know Yourself. The second post asked question to help you figure out the kind of person you wanted to be in the future. If you have not read that post make sure you do, Part 2: Who Do You Want to Be. Each of the posts are key elements in discovering your purpose. 

Onward to feelings. 

What feelings are you bringing to situations

Let's talk about right now, before we jump into what you want to feel in the future. What are you feeling in current situations. How do you feel during meetings, class, interactions with friends and loved ones? Are you just going the motions? Do you actually feel like you take charge of your emotions when challenging situations arise? If you struggle with taking control of yourself in challenging situation read how, here.  

Acknowledge what you are currently feeling toward your job and people in your life. 

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Choose how you want to feel  

Describe the emotion you want to feel in a situation? Know how you want to feel when you go to work. Are you wanting to be the boss and lead people to an awesome future? Or are you wanting to be left alone to create and let your mind go wherever it may. You may not know what you want to do but you should know how you want to feel. 

Are you excited for work every morning? Is it because you have a stress free job or because you feel the pressure and know it pushes you to do your best every day. 

Picture how your future you will feel with loved ones, at work, waking up in the morning. Do you experience those feelings now in current situations?

What Is your purpose? To bring the joy

Living a joyous life and enjoying it right now is a choice. It is a choice you have to make every day and in every situation that challenges you. So check in an see what are you bringing to each situation? A bad attitude, or joy and excitement. 

Are you going to choose to live in the emotions that you want to experience, or let yourself be taken for a ride at the whim of others. You have a choice how you can feel every day. If you want to feel accomplished then its time to pursue something that will make you feel that. 

Baby steps forward no matter how small are important. Even if your purpose is not clear to you now, it does not mean that you cant still move forward learning, achieving, experiencing, and feeling all life has to offer. 

Where are you struggling

This is where you are going to figure out how you can make some small and big changes in your life to get to the feelings you want. If you want to feel empowered and heard at work, what steps do you need to take in order to feel that way. 

You can’t make others change but you can change who you show up to be and how you will feel in every situation. Sometimes you will have to start small with forcing a smile when you are in a poor mood, or holding your tongue to not be nasty. Everyone has to start somewhere have to start somewhere.

Start with today. How do you want to feel today? 

Now how are you going to create those feelings today? Are you going to give yourself a pep talk in the morning or do affirmations in the shower? Will you practice smiling and standing confidently. Maybe its singing a few songs or working out. 

What could mess up those feelings for you today? Plan for the expected and the unexpected. How will you handle those situations, now that you know they are coming? With confidence and kindness? 

When people chase after dreams, find their path, or discover a passion it is rarely about the actual career choice or skill. It is about the feeling that they get when they do it. They are able to experience a level of joy, confidence, excitement, zen out mode, or blissful serenity that they haven’t be able to experience with other activities. 

Know that you can feel happy and strong today. You don’t have to wait to discover your purpose or passion for it to happen. You choose your happiness. So, choose today to bring your joy.