How to Have Self-Care at Work: 23 Tips

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We will spend a lot of our life at work. That time should be spent well and in a place that has your self-care needs met. Learn the many ways you can bring more self-care to your office, desk, and space. 

Careers are draining and the stresses from life often relate to your job. Setting up an environment that can nurture and protect your self-care is important for longevity in the work place. Whether you work an 8 hour shift or a 16 hour shift self-care at work is possible. 

I will cover how to set up your work space for a better mood, healthy habits for eating at work, interactions with coworkers, exercising at work and how what you wear impacts your self-care. I have created a checklist to help you manage to get in the many forms of self-care at work, that I cover in this post. 

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Setting Up Your Desk and Work Space 

We spend so much time at computers these days. It is important to set up that space well so that we are comfortable and are able to have simple comforts that help us chugging through the day. Here are 9 tips to make your work space and desk more oriented to your self-care and well-being. 

1. Have live plants at your desk. It helps productivity and you get a little bit of the outdoors, indoors! 

2. Open the blinds and sit near the window. More daylight can improve your sleep later on at night, your activity, and quality of life. 

3. Listen to music. Lift your mood and give yourself relaxed focus. Listen to music during repetitive tasks that dont require much brain power.

4. Your monitor or laptop screen should be eye level. Use a standing desk, or books to elevate your screen or laptop.  

5. Hands, wrists, and forearms should be straight in the line and parallel to the floor. You shouldn't be reaching too forward for your keyboard. This also means your chair should be raised if your desk is high. 

6. Messy desks encourage a creative mind, but if it bothers you do #7. 

7. Start a nightly routine to tidy your desk every evening. 

8. Feet should be fully supported and flat on the floor while sitting in your chair. 

9. Use an alternative desk chair or standing desk chair to reduce harm from sitting. 

Eating At Work 

It is important to eat healthy at work, even though you may want something that takes the edge off of the stress. Or maybe you want what ever is quickest which sometimes isn't the healthiest or going to give you the energy that you need. These 3 simple tips are to help you use your meal time as a means to relax and take a break from work, while also eating healthy. 

10. It is important to enjoy your meals. You will be more satisfied while being more present with your meal. 

11. Eat a healthy lunch away from your desk. Take a break and don't check your email or work on anything. This is a time to enjoy your meal, company, or some time for your to unwind. 

12. Take at least 30 minutes to unwind during your lunch break. It is a time to perform some self-care tasks. It is a time to meditate, do some stress relieving activities and bring your mind back in to focus on the next tasks of the day. 

Prep for Interactions 

Sometime co-workers can be the saving grace in the workspace, when work becomes challenging and stressful. Sometimes they are the one that cause all the anxiety and stress. Which ever they are these 3 tips will help your dodge and weave through workplace encounters. 

13. Reduce you anxiety and give yourself a pep talk in the bathroom before a meeting, or one on one with your boss or client. This will help you build confidence, relax you, and help you focus on what is about to come. 

14. Go for a 5 minute walk to process information if it was emotional or heavy. Sometimes after a run in with another coworker you can be angry and ready for conflict, cool down and gain focus on the next tasks. 

15. Take 5 minute breaks, 2-3 times a day, to talk at the water cooler and chat with co-workers. Be social and bring the joy.  

Exercise and Moving At Work 

I sit all day and know how hard it can be on your neck and back. If you are healthy and maintain your fitness sitting all day can easily cause a lot of pain, weight gain, and discomfort. Here are some tricks to help you get a few extra steps, exercise, and stretches in each day. 

16. Do some desk yoga, here is a youtube video, of the many examples of what you can do. There are tons of other options out there. 

17. Get up and walk for 2-5 minutes, every 45 minutes to an hour from sitting. Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your back. This also gives your a chance to take a break and come back fully focused.

18. Take breaks to reset your brain. Just like the walk is to reset your body, your brain needs a break too. 

19. Meditate at your desk.  

20. Desk "workout" options: standing desk, sit on a stability ball, stand on a buso.

21. Take a walk outside and get some fresh air and sun.  

Be Comfortable In What You Wear 

Looking good at work is important for many of us. But don't let looking good effect your body in a negative way. You can still gain confidence in looking while having well fitted clothes. Here are 2 tips on clothing that will help your self-care for work. 

22. Don't wear clothes that are too tight and restrict blood flow when sitting. 

23. Wear comfortable shoes that dont make it painful to take them off or cause your feet to swell.   

I hope these 23 tips help your time at work to be healthier and more relaxing. It is important to get our self-care in even at work, and these 23 tips will help you do that. Get your free Work Self-Care Checklist below. It will help you prepare for successful self-care habits at work. 

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