Journaling to Self-love

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Journaling can truly change the way you think and view everything. If you don’t know some of the benefits of journaling, read Why You Should Journal Daily.  There are some great benefits, and I feel the difference in my emotional state, and self-awareness from doing it. 

Sometimes we need help finding reasons to love ourselves. So, I have put together 10 journal prompt questions to help you nurture your self-love. 

What are 5 things you love about yourself? 

Look from the outside in. What about your body do you love? What about your personality to love? Think about what characteristics you take pride in, when someone compliments you on them. 

Think about your strengths, like your work ethic, or ability to draw. Go crazy thinking about everything wonderful about yourself. 

What are 5 positive affirmations you are needing to hear more? 

This a good time to acknowledge where you have been falling short. Maybe you need to start telling yourself that, “You are worthy of love.” Here are some more examples. 

  • I forgive myself for _______. I still love and accept myself. 
  • I am on a new journey, though I am scared, I am courageous and will push forward. 
  • I love you, (your name). 

What do others admire about you? 

Love and soak up the compliments of others. Really revel in it when others can see your amazingness. Accept those compliments, receive them, and plant them those good vibes so they continue to grow. 

If you don’t believe those compliments or expressions of admiration, then time to go write some affirmations. When you believe it, you will hear it even more, and will be able to accept those words from others as truth.  

What does the verb love mean to you? How do you show yourself love? 

Love is an action. Learn what it means to you by reading the 5 Love Languages. At you can take a test and discover what your love language is and how you give and receive love. 

From there, look at how you have been showing love to yourself. Is it how you would show love to others? Is it how you would want to receive love from others? 

What have you accomplished? 

Look back on the past weeks, months, and years and describe your accomplishments. Not all accomplishments and victories look like a gold medal, a new job offer or a raise. Some times it is over coming emotional trauma, or learning a huge lesson, that you now are so grateful for learning. 

Think outside the box and look at valleys and peaks of your life.

What acts of self-care do you regularly do? 

Self-care is an important part of self-love. What are you doing regularly to nurture your body, mind and soul? What efforts do you take to for you? Is it scheduled alone time, meditation, exercise, scheduled dates with friend? 

Try the 7 Day Self-Care Challenge to jumpstart your self-care. 

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What would your younger self be proud of you for?

When we look back at what we thought we would do when we were younger and who we actually have become, we realize as kids we really had no idea how the world worked. But, if I had a chance to tell a younger me who I had become she would be shocked, in aww, and think why didn’t we do that sooner! 

Our younger selves are a great standard of what should make us proud. 

What are 10 things you are grateful for?

Being grateful makes you focus on the good qualities of life. When you repeatedly are able to spot the good things, it becomes easy to only see the good. Continue writing down things you are grateful for, consistency has great effects on your mindset. You will start to see possibility and opportunity in everything. 

If you have trouble with this one, check out The Power of Gratitude: 100 Things to Be Grateful For

Collect the happy thoughts. 

Write the compliments, accomplishments, positive thoughts, and experiences. Continue to document and relive the good things. When you fill up your brain with good things, there will be no room for the bad. 

What is one thought you need to let go of? 

Get rid of a limiting belief or negative thought that has been consistently popping in your head. Write it down. Then write down reasonable alternatives to that thought. 

I hope these journal prompts will ignite some self-love. Download a printable version of these prompts below. Let me know what you discover in the comments below. 


Journal Prompts for Self-Love Printable

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