Making Non negotiable to help with Overwhelm

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When you are stressed your overwhelm can pop up over and over again. Even after you work through it, you still may get stressed and overwhelmed all over again.

That sense of overwhelm will continue to come up as you are stressed, maintain negative thought patterns and don’t provide yourself with the proper self-care. 

What you need is to make some choices about what your non-negotiable are.

What Are Non-Negotiables

Non-negotiables are the boundaries that you have set for yourself that happen regardless of what comes up. You have a few things that cannot and will not be sacrificed regardless fo the whirlwind at work that keeps happening every week.

You keep these even when fun opportunities occur, because you have set your priorities and nurturing your well-being is at the top. The boundaries you have set are there for your benefit, your well-being.

You keep them because they help you create more joy, be more productive, and keep your sanity. Non-negotiables can not be negotiated out of. Here are some non-negotiables we all need to have. The details will look different for everyone, but the idea is the same.

Make Self-Care a Priority and Non-Negotiable 

The stress feels like it keeps coming. When this is the case, you have to prioritize your self-care over everything else. Plan it each week and make it a non-negotiable. It cannot be something that you give up or give away. 

Look at your calendar and give yourself chunks of time that are for you. What you do during that hour or three hour time slot is up to you. But, make it fun. Make that time worth it. Do what you need to do for yourself. 

This may mean you color for an hour. Then you read for another thirty minutes and then go to bed early. Maybe this means you get in a intense, blood pumping amazing workout. Maybe this is just a time for you to meditate and journal. Whatever it is, enjoy your self-care.

Make Boundaries That Are Non-Negotiable 

We set boundaries so we know how we will react and what we will do when we face certain situations. If you know what choice you will make regardless of the circumstances, it is a lot less stress when those situations arise. 

Your boundaries may be no social media until 10am or no email after 8pm. That time is sacred and for you. Maybe the boundary is that you don’t even work on Sunday, or when you make plans you keep those commitments regardless of work. 

These boundaries are for your benefit, to maintain your sanity. The purpose behind them can be as simple as getting a few extra minutes to sleep or keeping stress low in the evening. Create boundaries that nurture your well-being and align with your values.

Make Positive Thoughts a Non-Negotiable

Often it is our negative thoughts that lead to the overwhelm. We keep saying how stressed we are, how over overwhelmed, and spread too thin we are. It might be true, but telling yourself that over and over again, doesn’t help anyone. 

No one is helped by telling yourself you can’t do any more or that you can’t get any time for yourself. Really those thoughts help you get to overwhelm more quickly. 

When your mind has gone down that path, make an effort to stop it immediately. Tell yourself you have to be kind to yourself. Then start saying encouraging kind words to yourself. What we tell ourselves becomes our reality. 

You continually tell yourself you can make it through this stressful season. You will make it through. You tell yourself that you can’t make it, you are overwhelmed and stressed and have no time for yourself. Then you will experience the overwhelm, the meltdowns, and feel that the stressful season never ends. 

Our words have power. Make them count. What you tell yourself makes an impact on your mood and how you act. Take the time to give yourself some good feedback, compliments, encouragement and love. 

Overwhelm can be hard during anytime of life. If you are struggling with a stressful season and looking for guidance through it, sign up for a free coaching call with me, Overcome Your Overwhelm.