Overwhelmed Because You Don’t Have a Plan

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Overwhelm is different for all of us. I get overwhelmed when I know that I have multiple things to do and haven’t planned when I am going to do them. I don’t want to forget them or forget when the best time to schedule them is. 

This is going to be a quick and dirty guide to help you smash overwhelm when you have a lot on your plate, but feel that you can crush it, if, you just are able to see the big picture. If you don’t know what type of overwhelm I am talking about then this post may not be for you. 

Overwhelm: Not From All the Things, But The Lack of Plan 

You start to feel stressed and fearful because you know you have a lot on your plate. You were just given an additional todo, but didn’t write it down. You know you cant forget to do it. Maybe you recall a couple of other things as well and you are building a list in your head! It is becoming scary walking around with this information. 

Write Down Everything 

When you feel stressed from the amount things rattling in your head, write them down. Sometimes it can be 2 things, that you just don’t want to forget. Other times it is 27. Write them out on a stickie note or whatever you have. 

Use Your Calendar App On Your Phone 

I am someone who doesn’t use my app calendar very often. I use my bullet journal to document a lot of the details of my life. But, major plans and dates do go into my phone. 

I put major plans in my phone with an alarm just, so, I can forget it about it. Plus I don’t have to write multiple reminders. If you need to remember these tasks, events, or todos rattling in your head, then put them in your calendar app on your phone.

When You Plan, Don’t Plan In Too Much Detail 

After you write out your todos, put them on the calendar. You will feel a huge sense of peace after scheduling their place in the future. 

If you have time consuming events that will take multiple days to complete, schedule a rough plan but don’t schedule to far out. I have realized scheduling more than a month in to great detail, will mean I definitely have to rewrite that scheduled later. 

Schedule for the month and be aware that you will have additions to your calendar. Make sure that your plan is breathable and can just adjust with the hiccups of life. If there is too much it will quickly lead to overwhelm and impossible to do in the time span you have set.

Break it down for weekly Tasks, Then Assign Daily Tasks Every Day 

I like to write out what I have going on each week. There is a list of events, gym goals, hobbies, projects, work to dos. All of it is in the weekly to do section of my bullet journal. Nothing is assigned to the day. Just assigned to a week in the month of when it will get done.  

Then each day, I pick and choose what I can do today. I plan my day accordingly. If things come up in the day. I may set one task aside and assign it to myself later in the week. With this method, I can really just worry about the day and what I can do in it. 

It prevents me from thinking to far ahead. Even if to far ahead is the end of the week. When I plan each day, my focus is on being and doing the best I can today. Nothing more, nothing less. The weight of tomorrow or the end of the week are not on me. 

Hopefully this helps some of you, who feel that you need too see a plan for you to not feel overwhelmed by the to do’s in your life. If you are feeling that you need more help with your overwhelm, sign up for a free one on one coaching call, Overcome Your Overwhelm