5 Ways To Guarantee You Get Your Self-Care

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My goal for this post is to help you understand the importance of your own self-care by scheduling and planning for it. When you give it priority in your schedule you are giving it priority in your life. 

Importance of Self-Care 

All too many times we wait for sickness to hit, stress and overwhelm to wear us down before we decide we need some extra self-care. Self-care is not a band aid or a cure for the stress of your life. Self-care is a lifestyle. 

Understanding yourself and your needs, then satiating those needs is what self-care is about. It is not something that should be considered optional. It is necessary and important. 

Your well-being and ability to fully engage in life is only fostered and nurtured through self-care. It is only by taking care of the whole self, not just the body, or the emotional self, but all of it, that rejuvenation and nourishment are seen. Self-care doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

When you are able to put yourself first, you are able to see how important you really are and the extent of your needs. Empower your self-care. Find what works for you and do it. Don’t sacrifice it. A big part of making sure you follow through is planning for it. 

A Simple How To Schedule Your Self-Care: 

1. Get your calendar out and some paper.  

2. Write out the ways that you will be providing self-care for yourself on the piece of paper. 

3. Next to each activity write how long each task will take. If there is commuting involved, or preparation that will be needed, add that time. 

4. Look at your calendar. Fit in the self-care through out the day, or when you can.

Your self-care time slots may be 10 minutes here or there, for the first week until you find more space in your schedule. That’s fine. Schedule it now so when other life events need to be scheduled, they are scheduled around your self-care. 

Some Tips on Finding the Best Time For Your Self-Care  

Reflect On A Typical Day 

If you don’t plan in advance too much, or you don’t use a calendar to schedule life, take some time and reflect on a typical day. When you wake up, go to bed, eat, etc. 

From that, is there usually a time after work, or in the morning that would be a great time to have 20 minutes of self-care? 

Cut Out Time Wasting Activities 

Your schedule may be packed, or you think you just don’t have enough spare time to fit in a few extra minutes of self-care. You may be right. Reflect what is on your plate.  

Search for the time that you waste on things that don’t actually matter. Like getting on facebook, internet browsing, window shopping on amazon, or watching TV. 

Before you say watching TV is your time to unwind, no. Watching TV is actually a way to avoid for 30 minutes or 3 hours whatever is stressing you out. It doesn’t make anything better. 

So, it can go, because choosing a self-care habit to put in that time could provide a lot more benefits. If you need to unwind after work try journaling, meditation, or writing an action plan. 

There is time in your day, and it may only be sprinkled with a few minutes here and a few minutes there. But, that is all you really need to give yourself some self-care. 

Find Time In Already Made Routines 

If you have a morning or bed time routine, that is a perfect time to add 5 or 10 minutes of self-care to the routine. Think of already made habits that happen maybe every Sunday, or every time you get your car washed, for some self-care. 

Some consistent things that you do every day are eat, shower, use the bathroom, wake up, go to sleep, look in a mirror. There are plenty of self-care add ons for these activities like affirmations or mediations. 

Set an Alarm to Remind Yourself

I know when I get excited that I am are going to start something new I you plan it,I  wake up the next day and completely forget to do it. I have been there so many times. I may even wake up to remember and think to myself in one hour I will meditate. One hour later, I have completely forgotten and just keep working. 

Set and alarm to remind yourself of what you are wanting to do. Also, set a timer for when you start and need to finish.  

How Much Time Do you Need 

It may take a while to figure out what you exactly need and how much of it. All people are different. While some require a 3 hour self-care hiatus at the end of the week. Some may require just 15 minutes a day of solitude. 

Look at how much time it takes you, and ask yourself if you need more time with it, to feel what you are wanting to get out of it.

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Keep the Commitment to Yourself

Be Purposeful

Have self-discipline to keep the commitments to yourself. Be purposeful with your self-care. If you choose a time, stick with it. Attempt to do some sort of self-care act for yourself during that scheduled time. 

Don’t do one more thing

It is easy to tell yourself you will clean one more dish, or write one more email, even though the alarm has already gone off. Stop what you are doing and walk away. Commit to your self-care. 

Focus on the self-care 

Don’t let your mind wonder during this time. This time is to replenish yourself not think about the past or the future. Be fully engaged with your self-care. 

Its not a task to be checked off 

It is easy to make self-care another item on the list to be checked off. You rush through it just to get it checked off. But, it is more important than most things on your list. Take the needed time and fully engage with your self-care. 

Remember, self-care is a lifestyle. It takes time to figure out your needs and what actually helps rejuvenate. There are going to be hiccups and mistakes along the way. Just keep pushing forward, trying new things, and committing your well-being and you will see yourself bloom.