The 2018 Guide to Spring Cleaning

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It is that time of year, again. Time for some spring cleaning! After the winter we have probably picked up a couple bad habits along with a few extra things that need to be tossed out. I am going to be discussing how to clean our mental states, computers, homes, work spaces, relationships and finances. Let's get ready to start some healthier habits in spring 2018. 


After the winter it can feel like we have stuffed our faces, lazed about too much, and have a bit of an attitude from it. So, here are 2 ideas to help you clean out your head and make a mind shift for a healthier and brighter you, coming out of the house this spring. 

1. Remember what you put in your mind is what you get out. If you are feeling like you haven't been as productive, motivated or creative lately, think about what you have been putting into your mind. Are you binging on TV shows? Have you tried to learn anything new? Have you read a book or listened to a podcast to spark something within you?

If not, now is the time to do just that. If you are needing resources then check out my Ultimate Resource Guide for Success, with over 145 different resources, ranging from books, podcast, websites and people to follow. They will help motivate you to keep going strong. 

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2. Winter can be an emotional time. Where you end up stuffing your emotions rather then letting them out. Start journaling daily to get all your emotions out. Even if you just write about what you aspire to do that day, it will make a difference. Get the yuck out of your head in the morning and it will make the rest of the day a lot easier, and happier.


Now I can say that I am horrible at keeping my email inbox clean and my computer desktop organized. For me it always seems like too much energy spent in organizing something that won't make a lot of difference in productivity. But, if you are someone who likes those things to be tidied up and organized continue on. 

1. Unsubscribe from email lists that no longer serve you or your interests. We all constantly get those emails on discounts at stores, and places we have been. Usually it is just an enticement to come shop again. Unsubscribe. Save yourself time and perhaps further spending. You really don't need what ever they are selling.  

2. Organize the desktop of your computer with 3 to 5 folders. Toss everything into one of those folder. You can go on further to organize those folders, but usually that is enough for me to feel better about what I see on my desktop. 

3. You get your inbox to zero if it is something that would make you feel like you have completed your spring cleaning on your computer. I don't because I think its a waste of time. It will has no effect on my productivity. Also, you may want to put folders in your email, this can help with organization. 

4. Wipe down your key board and mouse. Those things never get washed or sanitized.

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Your Space 

In the winter it is easy to just hold on to things, thinking we will use it later. The winter is a time of comfort, and staying in. So, not only do we pack on some weight but also pack in a few extra things around the house. Usually our places show that we have stayed in a bit more than usual. Now is the time to clean and air out your place. 

1. Get rid of stuff. Clear out clothes you didn't wear this past season or that you no longer fit into.. Make sure to donate the clothes or sell them. 

2. Make your space more bright and inviting for the new season. Pull back the curtain, or pull up the blinds. Add a lamp. Have candles that remind you of the outdoors and spring. 

If you do need help making your space more tranquil and relaxing read Creating A Healthy and Rejuvenating Space


During the winter our work space can be crowded with the comforts to endure the cold. You may have brought blankets, a heater, more mugs that you will possibly need to work. All to have a more comfortable space in the winter. Probably time to bring some of those back home now. 

1. Clean your work space. You know things have piled up, papers, files, etc. You know what needs to be thrown out and tidied up. 

2. New work space gear to feel healthy and maintain self-care. Read How to Have Self-Care At Work: 23 Tips.

3. Buy new tubber wear for packing lunches. Throw away old tubber wear with lost lids. 

4. Time to reassess whether this is the place you want to work or not. Do you want to continue a career in this field?


During the winter it is nice to have someone with you to cuddle and stay in with. But, sometimes we don't choose the best people to keep around. So, its time to check in on all relationships, new and old. 

1. Check in with healthy relationships. Make sure they are actually in line with where you want them to go. 

2. Assess relationships, significant others, and friendships that aren't providing what you need? Is space and distance needed? Or do you need to have a talk and voice your feelings? Let the person know?

3. Time to up your squad. Make new friends that do things that you aspire to do. They will motivate you to get started. 

4. Renew and revitalize old relationships. Is it time to reach out to an old friend or family member?


Sometimes comfort rules over your budget. That's okay. But, now is a good time to assess where your money has gone and where you want it to go. 

1. Go through all credit cards charges. Make sure you are using all those automatic charges like gym memberships, magazine subscriptions etc. Cancel what you dont use. You can always sign up again later. 

2. Check your spending habits. Are they inline with where you want to be financially? You can't be a millionaire by spending like a millionaire now.  

3. Tax season is here. Are you ready? Start collecting papers to file your taxes. 

4. Do you need to start taking bigger steps in saving? Talk to a financial advisor. I highly recommend Jan Williams. She is my financial advisor and mother. She has done an amazing job with my very small savings, helping it grow rapidly. 

Spring is near and we all want to head out doors to enjoy it. Be ready for the amazing weather and fun ahead. Clean out your spaces now so that you can fully enjoy opportunities ahead. Let me know what else you do for your spring cleaning in the comments below.